Patient Testimonials

Many satisfied patients testify that they have benefited from our Tibb philosophy and holistic treatment plans:

‘I have noticed a significant improvement, not only with my skin condition, but my general health. I would recommend others to invest in improving their health, after all, our health is the most valuable asset we will ever own". ~Mr K.L. Leicester

‘I suffered continuous colds and flu’s on regular basis. I took anti-biotics several times which worsened my health condition. Hakim Salim Khan gave simple treatment of just taking black seed daily. This has strengthened my immune system, where I recover in matter of 2-3 days. Thank you.’  ~Miss NM - UK      

‘I went to Salim with lack of energy, worry, anxiety and losing my hair. Now I have a healthy head of hair (better than ever before!) and my energy levels are way higher. I have completely re-structured my life –now I have no time off sick.’  ~Ms KS Leicester    

I was recommended to go and see mohsin health group by my uncle. I was diagnosed with chrons disease about 4 years ago. Tried all different medication from NHS specialists but nothing really helped control the illness. I finally booked a consultation with Saleem at mohsin health clinic. Since then I have started a course of natural treatments prescribed from Saleem. I feel more revitalised and definitely healthier.  I have contacted them since then and they have been very helpful. I would definitely recommend. ~Mr M.S.A, Blackburn

‘Each time I see Dr. Khan, I realise what a really caring, spiritual person he is for his fellow man. He wants to help people be what they should be, with only one provision, you have to be dedicated, really want to improve and stick to the regime.’   ~Mrs J.C    

‘It was difficult keeping to a regime at first, but with his support, his confidence, his reputation and the fact that I was shedding unwanted pounds, it spurred me on.’    ~Mr R.M – London

‘After 7 weeks I had lost more weight and I was actually feeling more cheerful… not only did I look much better, but also my whole attitude was so different.’        ~D.M.C - Leicester U.K

We always welcome feedback from our patients, so that we can keep on improving our services and help you to better health. 


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