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Mohsin Health is all about improving people's health and transforming lives. We do this through a natural, holistic, individual approach to YOUR health.

Using a genuinely holistic approach, each patient receives an individual plan for their health improvement. Using safe, effective natural methods, the patient and practitioner work together.

Treatment plans may include herbal remedies and food based supplements, as well as changes in diet and regime.

Our philosophy based on the eastern wisdoms of health found in the traditions of Tibb, also know as Unani Medicine. 'Tibb' literally means 'nature' is a universal tradition of wholistic medicine, It brings together the natural healing traditions of Europe and Asia. We aim to make the wonders and benefits of this wisdom easily accessible to our patients.

How it all began… Mohsin Health Clinic was established in 1978 by 'Hakim' (Arabic: 'Healer') M. Salim Khan, now a world renowned practitioner and teacher of traditional Tibb/Unani medicine. In over 35 year's successful clinical experience in the UK, Hakim M. Salim has helped thousands of people with a wide range of illnesses to better health and greater vitality.

A typical consultation with him lasts 30 minutes and covers all aspects of your health – physical & emotional state, current symptoms and your family history. He uses tongue, pulse and iris to assess your health and his treatment aims to improve your overall health and vitality.

Salim says:

Once the condition of wholeness and balance was a norm for most people, however as people and societies moved away from the natural order disharmony in our bodies and diseases increase. We aim to help people back to balance and health.

Many satisfied customers testify that they have benefitted from this approach:

‘I have noticed a significant improvement, not only with my skin condition, but my general health. I would recommend others to invest in improving their health, after all, our health is the most valuable asset we will ever own".                                Mr K.L. Leicester

‘I suffered continuous colds and flu’s on regular basis. I took anti-biotics several times which worsened my health condition. The treatment by just taking black seed has vastly strengthened my immune system, where I recover in matter of 2-3 days. Thank you.’                  Miss NM - UK      

‘I went to Salim with lack of energy, worry, anxiety and losing my hair. Now I have a healthy head of hair (better than ever before!) and my energy levels are way higher. I have completely re-structured my life –now I have no time off sick.’        Ms KS Leicester                                                                                                               

Come and see for yourself how the power of natural medicine can help you. Consultations are by appointment only, every Wednesday and Saturday in Leicester.

Mohsin Health Products was set up by Salim’s sons in 2008, supported initially by the Princes Trust, to make our herbal & natural health remedies available for anyone to benefit from. It was. These ‘tried & tested’ products are available from the Clinic on East Park Road and through Mohsin Health website.

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