Hayfeguard 280g

Hayfeguard 280g
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Hayfeguard: Pro Pollen Factor Plus 280g

  • Perfected by professional beekeepers
  • Natural ingredients, no artificial anything
  • Not a drug - honey does not cause drowsiness
  • Meets the highest EU honey standards
  • Made in the UK using local honey
  • No GMOs or synthetic ingredients
  • Researched and tested by impartial testing centres

Recommended Use:

  • Use one 5g teaspoon twice a day after meals for the first fourteen days, once a day therafter
  • This honey is a live food and may vary in texture throughout the year .

Hayfeguard is a natural food formulation and does not contain any additives, colourings or added sugar. 


  • Not suitable for children under 24 months.
  • If you have an intolerance to honey, bee pollen or royal jelly do not take this product.


  • English Honey
  • Pollen ~ 1770mg
  • Fresh Royal Jelly ~83mg


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