Premium Black Seeds 200g

Premium Black Seeds 200g
Premium Black Seeds 200g
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Premium Black Seed 200g (Loose)

What is Black Seed?

Black Seed, also known as Nigella sativa are aromatic seeds, reminiscent of camphor and nutmeg. The taste is sharp, spicy and somewhat bitter.

“Black Seed heals every sickness except death.”

There are some plants and herbs which are so beneficial for humanity that they transcend time, space and culture. Nigella sativa is one of those blessed plants. The oldest culture that cultivated the herb were the Assyrians and Egyptians. Not only the ‘secret of the pharos’ but Nigella sativa was a favourite of Queen Nefriti and Cleopatra. Nigella sativa continues to be used in the orient and near east since antiquity.

Traditional Uses:

The health benefits are so extensive that it has been given valued names such as ‘The Great Healing’ and ‘The Magical Herb’.

Energetically Nigella sativa is hot and dry. The seeds support the metabolism and digestion and help to lower blood sugar. It activates the metabolism and thus has a toning and stimulating effect.

Nigella sativa has the ability to uplift the mood hence it has been described “as a glance of light”.

Modern uses show Nigella sativa as a nutritional supplement. Also Nigella sativa has the ability to strengthen and stabilise the body’s immune system.

How to Use:

1-2 teaspoon in the morning with warm water. Can be sprinkled on breakfast, porridge or cereal or even added to yogurt or smoothies. 

What does it contain? 

Seeds: Nigella sativa

Mohsin Black Seeds and what it does NOT contain?

This product is free from synthetic chemicals, man made stimulants, alcohol, artificial preservatives and sweeteners & GM free. The product is not tested on animals. 

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