Sweet Almond Oil 100mL

Sweet Almond Oil 100mL
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Sweet Almond Oil 100mL (100% Pure)

It has many cosmetic and medicinal uses:
- It is excellent oil in skin care, aromatherapy and massage therapy because it’s fine texture makes it easily absorbed
- Dab small amount on cotton wool to easily remove make-up, highly nourishing on the eyes
-Good for chapped hands and skin
- 5 to 10mL to be massaged on the hair scalp
- 1 to 2 drops may be instilled in the nose and ears
- During constipation, 5 to 10mL with a glass of milk at night may be given.
- When taken orally it removes the dryness of the intestines
- Rubbed on the scalp, it strengthens the brain, soothes tired nerves and induces sleep.


Each 100mL contains prunus amygdalus 100%

(No additives)

Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight



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